Lion and Lamb // BRAZIL DEVO 2014

(Spending a couple weeks this summer in Brazil. This is a devo I wrote as part of our pre-trip homework. So, if you are with me in Brazil, and I haven’t read this to the group yet… Don’t read it!!! :-) Otherwise, carry on.)

Lion and Lamb

Image Credit: Suzanne Moseley on deviantart

My dad has a pastoral fixation with relationships.  Actually, Relationship. Period. I’m positive he would tell you that your relationship with and to God is the most important part of your faith. I want to ask you, though – what, exactly, does that mean? And I guess, mainly, I want to clarify who God is.God calls himself a King, and a Lion, and all powerful. When the world began, he spoke it. (I counted fifteen times that God spoke in the first book of Genesis. Fifteen phrases, and the world happened.) When life started, he breathed it, and if that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.And at the same time, he says he is the Lamb. He is love, and in the Gospels he experienced weakness in hunger, thirst, pain, grief, and death on the cross. In fact, in the Gospels, he epitomized ABSOLUTE weakness. GK Chesterton, one of my favorite authors, said,

“Christianity is the only religion on earth that has felt that omnipotence made God incomplete… Alone of all creeds, Christianity has added courage to the virtues of the Creator. For the only courage worth calling courage must necessarily mean that the soul passes the breaking point- and does not break.”

And then this, from Revelation 5:5 and 6, “And one of the elders said to me, ‘Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered…’ And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain[.]”

The Lion and the Lamb. “AND”… What does that mean? God is all powerful, and he knows everything- even what it means to be weak. To die. And to defeat Dying. In his total weakness, God showed his total power. So the Lamb was slaughtered, and so the Lion was crowned.

Our relationship to God has two sides, too. We love him because he is the lamb who was killed, and it is (or will someday be) PERFECT love, because, who else in their perfection has died for you? And we fear him with REAL fear, because he is the Lion, who slaughtered death. Again, from Chesterton,

“Can the lion lie down with the lamb and still retain his royal ferocity? That is the problem the Church attempted; that is the miracle she achieved.”

I talked about just two aspects of God, out of a million, and that’s not enough – But I think God gets that. There is too much to fit into our heads, and too much of ourselves in there already, besides. So in the end, when we ask who he is over and over, and we understand so little, he just says, “I am that I am.” And that is more than enough.


One thought on “Lion and Lamb // BRAZIL DEVO 2014

  1. Hello, I just stumbled across this piece. Nicely written. I appreciate the credit and I’m glad you enjoyed the drawing. The child is my Grandfather who was an amazing man and loved God dearly.

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