I Don’t Believe in Noise

image credit // Van Gogh

image credit // Van Gogh

Rrrip, snap, drip, tap

I don’t believe in noise

BOOM, crash, battle clash,

the chanting of the Boys.

Slapping, thrumming, lapping, drumming

cacophony of sounds

whistles, dings, the choir sings –

the glory hymn surrounds.

Earth cries; oceans, skies,

and screaming with their joy,

the rivers chuckle slowly

for the Maker’s perfect ploy.

A whisper in the dark becomes

a masterpiece of fire

the transcendental spark begets

the planet’s second Crier

who names the names and sings the songs

of Creature, Food, and Place,

and when the She-one first arrives

claims “beautiful” her face.

This history of speaking truth

so it can wholly be,

Is not convention singular

to one so plain as me.

Hush, rush, pressing crush

the noises all are words.

Silent. Hiss. Violent this:

They’re dying to be heard.


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