Nearer to Neverland

Aslan and Lucy_ipschnzr2 on deviantart

pc: ipschnzr2 on deviantart

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. ‘Til mourning. Have you ever thought that Neverland might be closer than we think?

Peter Pan taught us we could fly, and crooned of happy dreams. He told us of the magic in the Dust, and joked, anxiously, of the pirates – those who’d steal away his golden utopia.

Narnia was a miracle within an obscurity. Creation in a coat closet. Have you known a Magic so fascinated with you it would pull you off your feet, and into another reality? The Lion was a Father so passionately enamored of his children he would die that they might live. Do you know that you do not need a Wardrobe?

Beyond a looking glass, down a rabbit hole… Something Other there awaits. No portal, no pool, no mystical stairway. The Magic is here, and it is soon to be revealed. This is why we fantasize, the reason that we close our eyes:

Peter was a prophet, the Lion is awake, and Wonderland is closer than we could dream.

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