Just being alive

Friends. Romans. Countrymen. (Countrywomen.) I am normal, and alive.


Hey! Hello. Sometimes, I just want to write to say hello to you people, and not be profound, or thinky, or have a possibly brilliant thought for your day. I have had so much life recently, and I haven’t slowed down to type it out. You might be feeling a little confused. Am I living in Minnesota? NO. Am I still a Minnesotan? YES. As a friend put it, a “ten thousand lakes to ten thousand hills transplant.” I’m living in the vast, bumpy state of PA. And I am thinking more and more that I know what I want to be.

Storyteller. I want to tell stories, the least of which being my own. :-D I am getting it, that my purpose here is to tell the Jesus story, and further, to live it when others can see me, and when God can see me. This faith that I’m about is fiery, powerful, and alive. The God that holds me is huge, and life-breathing, and the epitome of Love. I want to spend my life singing about Him and to Him and for Him, because the truth he offers is eternal.

I’ve been singing stories, I’ve been writing songs. I’ve been weaving heroes’ tales, all the night long. I’m figuring out this photography thing, attempting to suspend life in the brilliant moments and always keep it honest.

And besides creating, I want to live a story, too.


I have 4 brothers, 1 momma, 1 dad, and a dog. The brothers are loud, the parents are wise, and the dog smells like a dog sometimes (but she is still great). We’re in the second chapter of our book, that chapter being titled “PENNSYLVANIA” in big bold black letters with green leafy trees around the edges. We’re learning the Church and the lifestyle and the schoolwork. I am going to walk dogs, mom is going to make bracelets, dad is going to pastor, and the boys will play baseball till the cows come home. (The cows do not come home in Pittsburgh. They get lost on the curvy streets.

This October, I’ll spend a few weeks in Africa. The story will change again. Life will change again. And then, just imagine the songs I’ll be singing.


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