the Minnesotans // 140

The irony about knowing people is that when it has been long enough, you can either run out of words, or have far too many. It isn’t a problem, I don’t think, it is simply a paradox. A comfortable paradox, hmm? I think so.

quick note: our family moved to Pittsburgh.

So yeah. Right? Yeah. I imagined our home being picked up and dropped in-between two rivers, in the heart of a land of no mosquitoes and too many Steelers fans. (antithesis of MN. :-)) And that’s basically what happened, in the end, except with 20 hours of driving in a packed Jeep away from a small world.

We thank God for these people.


Dad, Hannah, and Momma. Dad and Mom, as you may have guessed, are my parents. :-) They love Jesus, and they rock at ruling the family.
Hannah is a member of a band that I may or may not have invested quite a bit of life in in the the last year or two. She’s a photographer/letter-writer/tea-drinker/book-reader, and she can sing harmony.


Little Sam (Hanner’s younger bro) is my gluten-free, poofy haired bundle of love. His smile will melt your soul like a Popsicle in July. He knows the John Deere song.IMG_7961(b&w IMG_8003

Grandma and Grandpa Skogerboe. AKA, family at the lake, AKA, lovers of FUN, AKA, providers of delicious beef. Between the grill and the stove top, they monopolize supper time. And Grandpa’s prayers are heart ones.the Guys and their facesThese guys epitomize my life as of yet. That is to say, knowing them has changed who I am. Left to right:
Alex. Plays a mean electric guitar and is better than me at basketball. Spikes hair like a boss, loves little Haitian children and God.

Caleb. Son of youth director, will be youth director. Also plays basketball better than me. Strong man of faith, too tall.

Jake. Thinker, listener, eater. Full of joy, and sometimes Tacos. (You should see this guy at T-Bell.) Reader, and brilliant, and alive.

Ry. The third member of our little chapel band. He is an artist, and his songwriting is like Jason Mraz mixed with Jon Foreman mixed with awesome. 

These men, I will miss.


Dear Bob, thanks for the pens.IMG_8359

The Edwards boys, who are good at baseball, and taught me how to steal first. (From third, of course.)IMG_8382

Grandma Lo. I love you. :-) You bring life to our family. (And Italian food, sometimes. yummuh.)  All of the cards you’ve written me are a freaky-huge deal. Potato.

Grandpa Bob. Your knowledge of Lutheran and Norwegian history is astounding. Your stomach for Lutheran and Norwegian fish is astounding. Your faith and your love for Grandma Lo is inspiring. :-) BUFF-A-LO.IMG_8434

Rachel and Katy, who drove through the night.
Who swerved ‘cross the mid-line, and gave me a fright,
don’t do that again or I might freak out in an un-manly way. (a poem, by Seth Skogerboe)IMG_8475

Smack Matt and Kara Bean. Thank you for guarding our pup, and painting the pictures. Never forget your sword/stick-fighting lessons – they may someday (doubtful) serve you well. Keep on playing, and loving Jesus.

And now for the non-conclusive end to a partial, un-finishable blog post.

I am still a Minnesotan. (You can tell by the way I am cooking in my skin. Seriously, PA? Seriously??) I am simply living a new life, where the hills are wearing trees. I love good ol’ flat Minnesota, and I am amazed by new ol’ hot Pennsylvania, and the pictures will never end.

So stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “the Minnesotans // 140

  1. This is so many layers of wonderful that I fear my heart shall pop, Scoo! Thank God that when I have grand and daunting adventures/changes at this time of my life, YOU go with me. :-) #onehappymomma

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