The Orlandians // 140

Twitter said, “Can you tell a story  with 140 characters?” I replied, “You can bet your granny’s biscuits.”

140 ch - FL 6-11

A jacket snapped against the wind with a crack, and her hair blew in his face. Water? No. Blanket? It can wait, and he cannot. Disney.


He looked on at the young man in the aisle across from him, ignoring his father’s pitiful peace offering. He was fingering some kind of metallic device, with a lot of knobs and reflective things. Whatever it was, it seemed awfully confusing…IMG_1374

“A man who can laugh at himself is truly blessed, for he will never lack for amusement.” – J. Carlos


If I raise my eyebrow like this, no one will ever realize how tight my pants are.

Wearing another man’s face is a tremendous opportunity, he thought for the umpteenth time in however many hours. Immediate recognition, excitement, adoration. This is wonderful. He never realized that the world was distinctly lacking one more cement mixer on 11th and Boone. It’s funny how things get unbalanced that way.


Newly wed, she thought, with a funny smile. Sounds a little funny. And so she picked out the little funny hat for her bald husband, and they lived happily, and entertainingly, ever after.
p.s. 1-5 were good to.


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