waiting for the Wedding.

photo credit // alec vanderboom

Can I tell you a story about a story?

Once upon a time, nobody spoke, except for the ones who did, and they only whispered. It was always very quiet, and you could never hear a pin drop because no one ever dropped them. And nobody told stories.

Men wore robes like white, and lit incense with long, skinny rods that they kept in long, skinny cases. The closest they ever came to noise was the deep murmur they used for holy days, when they read long, dry books. It is a tired world when life grows silent.

Out of this rose a white-robed man that spoke. He wore a robe of white as well, but stained a dusty brown with travel. He traveled with a pack of unruly men who smelled of salt, and taught that books did not have to be long and dry – that life could be found in a Word. He shouted.

Among the people, there were murmurs. His sounds were causing an uproar that grew constantly in pitch, and people were learning to hear again. His sounds were bright color, truth, and joy. They were life. They were uncomfortable. And those same people who first heard now forgot to listen. He said, Three days.

Drunk on the freedom of sound He had shown them, they shouted for his silence. They pounded his hands to a beam with a hammer, and broke him, and made him cry out. And as he died, they only began to realize that the one who had given them a voice had at the same time ended their silence. His last words, It is finished.

For the rest of that first day, there was loud, crazed – what? Celebration? Throats were made sore with cries, sobs, and confusion reigned.

On the second day, there was hiding, and when anyone would stop speaking, the echoes would drive him mad. Peace had broken, a hammer the tool. Until the third day.

What is louder than a stone that is not where it is meant to be? A body that is not where it is meant to be? The conductor is alive. He spoke again to his people, telling them to speak of him. To tell the world He lives, and that soon, there will be a wedding – and a party.

Today is a day to be loud. :-) (p.s. i’ve written about Him before. >>http://bit.ly/YM6xyf)


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