‘d, ‘ve, ‘ll

blue screen halloween_not mine
(this is not mine.)

I had

a ticket to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

an inappropriately large smile on my face for someone my age.

a birthday. Someone my age is 15. I am now legally unable to drive for a year.

braces put in. The initial transition (barbed wire >> metal in mouth >> feels normal) took about two weeks. If you are getting braces of your own put in, don’t worry; it doesn’t hurt at all. If you aren’t, well… this is Dante’s ninth.

a working computer.

I have

285 pictures of the flora, fauna, and roller coasters of southern Florida (soFlo?), aka Disney World.

a sweatshirt that I love like a child. Like a good cup of coffee. Like a faded graphic sweatshirt that says “Walt Disney World” on the back.

a song due for songwriting class that I should be writing right now. Write now.

a computer that is one line of type away from complete data combustion. (Writing now from the basement of a chapel across the street from my home. Free internet access, but no SD port.)

a headache.

I will

probably wear this sweatshirt forever. Or at least until Monday.

fix up that darn tootin’ computer.

need a new journal fairly soon. Too many thoughts in this here head.

be up in the chapel playing the Grand piano if you need me. Follow the attempted soprano-y vocal riffs of Phil Wickham’s “Cannons.”

give the world a reason to dance.


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