The Boys.

I apologize, twitter. 140 letters were never enough. 140 characters, however… that I can handle.
A study of people. To understand the living world. I present: The Boys.

140 characters - Z head 1-5

1. Ezra Nathan Skogerboe. I know I’ve used this photo before – that is because I love it. I love him. Ezra is a spiffy, goofy, poofy-haired (yes. He gets that from me…) bro.  He loves people, and Jesus, and playing “Angry Birds: Seasons”  on Ike’s iPod. He’s better than me at it.


2. Levi Kyle. He is a joyful, muscular ball of personality and Type A, and he can do it himself, thanks. Leeves is a boy who befriends and plays – who dives into life. And when he grows up he is going to be a doctor. Who plays basketball professionally. And shoots things with arrows.

Happy 9, Leeves_1

3. Joshua. I am glad. :-) I am glad he shares dad’s name. I am glad that he shares my passion  for art. I am also glad that he occasionally shares a nacho or two with me when we go to Taco Bell. (I know it’s hard, but it’s for a good cause.) I hope he is always glad.


4. Ike is a man, who is in the process of realizing it, known for his smile and his love of family. If you meet him, I dare you to try to dislike him. (Because DUDE, it won’t work.) And his highlighted hair drives the lady-folk wild.


5. Me. (Yeah… this’ll only happen once.) :-) You know me, I hope. My mind travels. My heart is rooted. My feet usually follow my mind, thank goodness.

Life is wild, and people are fascinating. And there are so many of them to be photographed. Maybe one hundred forty isn’t enough…

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