Myself, myself, myself

a lonely walk // photo courtesy of

a lonely walk // photo courtesy of

“‘Who are you?’ asked Shasta. ‘Myself,’ said the voice, very deep and low, so that the earth shook, and then again
‘Myself,’ loud and clear and gay, and then the third time
‘Myself,’ whispered so softly you could hardly hear it, and yet it seemed to come from all around you as if the leaves rustled with it.” – C.S. Lewis’ The Horse and His Boy

Honest. A man of integrity.

Real. Never performing when I am not intending to.

Loyal. I want to be the friend of strangers, hearer of secret thoughts, fellow. To be known, and to know in return.

Joyful. Laughing for real, smiling openly and experiencing wonders. For my mind to be a place of the quiet assurance of God, not personal doubting.

Trustworthy. And hard working. I want to be where I need to to get the right jobs done well so that they don’t need to be done again. To remember, and to hear.

A Listener.

Wise. (To sum up a bit.) To make decisions that are right, in that they honor God. Prov. 10 says that wisdom will find me when I search for it. I will be a Searcher.

Humble. To never glut myself on my own words. To have respect for the God that is in me, and the people that surround me. To choose self-describing adjectives rarely, and accurately, and to hold my identity in Christ.

Strong, of mind, heart, and body. Healthy. To think, love, and be well.

Careful. Sensitive of pain, and apprehensions. An intentional chooser of words, images and friends, and knowledgeable of the right time and place for things.

Used by God, befriended by Godly men. An artist of the phrase, a powerful musician, a helper of the hurting. Merciful and just. “… great in action as [I] have been in thought.” (- Shakespeare) Myself, according to God. Like him. Like no one else.

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