Lone Guitar_JerJam_HN

photo courtesy of Hannah Nicole.

There are some things that words cannot describe, and I do my best to find them and write about them. Because what else can a dreamer do? A creator, in the shape of his Creator, a schemer of wild outings and unusual gatherings, a echoer of sounds foreign and familiar? When a mind meets a stopping point, it eliminates the impossibility of an ending and simply moves on/over/under/through.

This is songwriting. The process of unmaking the world around you and replacing it with voices and words and emotions. And it is beyond beautiful to watch, and experience. And do. With a drum and a pen and a basement keyboard, did you know you could rewrite the world?

I have taken a few months to learn band building by living it. I’ve written songs. (If they’re good, I do not know. I’ll have to play you one sometime.) Pianos, from the beginning of my memories, have been wonderful, mysterious things to me (like pomelos.) – if only I could play one. Could take part in that dance of white and black performed with the fingers and eyes guided by dots and lines on a page. I’m learning.

And outside of mere music, I’m learning to better understand people. My friends, who write music with me. I’m fascinated by their minds, and insights. And other people, who I see in a class, or on the street. Who they are. Why they are. I try to map out, in scribblish, italic-y font the personalities I come across. It’s exhilarating, as well as eye opening.

I’ve always enjoyed filling notebooks, and even more so with useful notes. Beautiful images or words and quotes. These songs are helping. I can unpack my mind like a battered, brownish (brown once, but so used) suitcase and throwing the contents all over the floor/page. Trying to come up with band names, and failing, but that’s okay. We’ll figure it out. :-)

I am learning. I am creating. This is living.

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