The 3 Keys to Having a Good Day

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two grumpy dudes.

We have a strange habit, we English speaking people: we often say things we don’t quite mean. (I wrote a review of a book on a similar subject. Check it. >> For instance,

“Break a leg, kid.” I hope you didn’t mean that.

“God bless you.” I hope you did mean that. :-)

“Go jump in a lake.” Afraid I’ve meant this. Several times.

Think about it. Could you really eat a horse? Could you? Sometimes we communicate things we do not intend to. And sometimes those things catch my ear. Like today. In dad’s rush out the door, he tossed a “Have a good day” over his shoulder. It hit me, and then fell on the table, so I picked it up and looked a little closer. It had a plain surface, but the heart of it was unclear.

How am I supposed to “have a good day”? Is that a choice I’m supposed to make? To the second question, I’d reply yes. The first is a little more complex, but I fleshed it out a little.


1) Start with the Bible. Besides being God honoring, this literally makes my days better. If I’m lost and alone, and I’m sinkin’ like a stone, I don’t just Carry On. I think, “How come my day stinks?” (Well, paint me blue and call me a realist.) And generally, the answer comes: You didn’t read your Bible, you moron.

That’s right folks, you heard it here first – Read your Bible, you moron. :-)

2) Before that, sleep well. When I sleep at night, I’m awake during the day. People my age are supposed to have 9 hours of sleep at night. For adults, 7 to 8. Take those supposed to’s seriously, and I promise you’ll feel better in the morning. Unless you miss work. At least its the easiest thing anybody will tell you to today.

Just go back to sleep.

3) Live/think/speak/ACT intentionally. Eating sour cream on purpose? Best burrito ever. Eating sour cream on accident? You’ll never look at yogurt the same way again. Wearing mismatched socks on accident? Dorky. On purpose? Hipster. Actually… that’s still pretty dorky.

Living well is all about choices. Make these three right.

Oh, and have a good day.

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