AFLBS Campus Days

The people who know me know the things that I love.
God. Writing. People. Fall. Faith. Study. Theology. Worship. Humor.
i.e. AFLBS Campus Days.

I spent the weekend at the Association Free Lutheran Bible School learning what it is like to be surrounded by Christians, students, and teachers who want you to fight for Jesus. God was with us. I took notes. I was surrounded by people I know (but hey, PK – Who do I not know?), like-minded theologians and coffee drinkers, and near constant game-playing of one kind or other.

It’s always been my plan to go to AFLBS, and it was pretty fun for me to actually find out what it’s really like. :-) And after several late nights/early mornings, classes, and unfortunate Owl City songs, I gotta’ say – I liked it.

And the cafeteria wasn’t half bad, either.

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