The Psalm of a Student


God, today, let me work hard. Let me understand the things I hear, and hear much. Please make me wise, and allow me in my wisdom to be more like you. I pray that I will not be distracted, but rather focus completely on the task before me, and accurately recognize the importance of such things as math and science. (Pleeeeeease. :-))

Give me wide eyes to consume the world of books and sights and colors surrounding me, ears to draw like nets the bits of fact and fiction (and define between the two with Biblical discretion) that fill the air of this modern world and a mouth to turn out speeches and poetry, that my tongue will easily and wisely speak your name and your deeds. Use my mind, a mind that pleasures in waking early, Lord – Fill it with musings and questions, and guide me to answers. Make me wise, and knowledgeable.

In all of this, let me honor you. What is the merit of knowledge if not used to glorify the one who used it? Let me worship you in my actions, my studies, my writings, and I pray this will be the same before others as it is when I am alone. Give me the endurance to work on, the peace only you can give, and the ethic of your Son. Amen.

Until the next…

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