Rebellion is.

Photo Credit: lorenzog. (on Flickr)

“Rebellion” is an exciting word; a fighting word. Adrenaline flows, breathing quickens.  It’s a verbal drug, giving strength in times of political/familial/generational uncertainty. You’re doing it wrong.

Rebellion is a mirror designed to reverse, and to reveal imperfections. Truth is affirmed; right is championed. Battle is waged on the field of justice for a holy cause.

Rebellion is essential, but only when necessary.
Rebellion is wrong, but only in unjust excess.

Rebellion isn’t government, it is the battle that takes place on the road between dystopia and utopia. It is not order, it is chaos, harnessed for a cause. It is not a solution, but a vehicle of change.

Rebel, not for the thrill of the fight or the sweat of defiance,
but to change the reality of the future. Until the next…


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