Planting a Band

Base Photo Credit: Patrick Feller

This is new.

I received a suggestion, via comment on one of my recent posts, to try something different. Here were the exact words:

I want to read about your thoughts on the BEGINNING of a topic, before you have it figured out. So often writing is used as a wonderful mode of closure or for us to share what it is we just learned. I am more interested in how a kid like you […] approaches something he knows NOTHING about and begins the process of figuring it out. Not something easy for you to figure out, but something hard. Something you might not even figure out at all.

My thoughts on the beginning of a topic. Or how about a project? A brand-new endeavor, viewed until now only through half-opened lids; through the haze of the place between dream and lucidity. A challenge to, in that same place, hear (and invent) sounds that other people haven’t made real ever before. And do so along with two others.

In the coming months, even amidst other such formidable tasks as starting high school, writing a novel, blogging, Mark Twaining, etcetera, I want to

A. Learn to play the piano.
B. Write music. Good music. This is something I’ve only dipped my toes into so far, but the gratification I’ve felt from that small exposure alone is immense.
C. Perfect and record more tunes (Like this one. >>

The determination and talent of two fellow artists (@ryguyjonesy and @imhannahnicole. So in reality, anything else can only be icing on the idiomatic cake. :-)) and all the inspiration in the world give this project so much potential that the possibilities are (in one dramatic and admittedly clichè but honestly accurate adjective,) endless. This is incredible. This is unexplainable. This is, as of yet, unheard of.  This is hard. And most accurately:

This is new.

Until the next…

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