Why I Write

Photo Credit: Strobist (on Flickr)

In a fashion atypical to the majority of blogging (or writing in general), I’ve decided to give “the big reveal” at the beginning of the post, and work my way backwards from there. Dessert before breakfast. So here’s why I’m writing this blog (in four words).

I want to converse.

Are you… surprised? Confused? I hope not. The best conversations I have ever had have mainly involved other people talking. Dialogue trumps monologue in any arena. There are no one sided arguments. One man can’t sing a duet. The best parts of the victory speech is the triumphant cheer of the crowd. The best of my blog posts in my eyes are not those that are viewed the most, but those with the most comments. If it is really interesting, it should really be talked about.

I want the same principle that applies to these to apply to, and not only apply to but define, all of my writing. Your comments, arguments, suggestions, questions – these are the reason I put my work on this blog, because I want to engage your interests, and grab your attention. I don’t just want to stand in front of the microphone; I want to walk amidst the audience.

So today, I’m taking requests. What do you want me to write about? Or, more accurately: What do you want to talk about? Until the next…

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5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. OK, Seth, I’m guilty. I read every one of your blog posts. I look forward to them and when I get my email notification from “Muse” I actually stop what I’m working on, click on the link and read. But you’re right, it’s not fair. I get to to peek at your life, and it’s sort of mean to not converse with you.
    So here’s what I think, Mr. Skogerboe: You’re insightful. You love. Your photography is amazing and insightful. I enjoy my ringside seat into your life–I got to go on a vacation to Bemidji, and recently I got to go to a cool/warm February birthday!
    So I’d like you to keep writing about your life, your insight, your love for God and family.Keep sharing your photography. And I promise to converse with you.

  2. I shall try again, although now I am on a different computer and I will strive to be typo free.
    I read your blog every time you post, Seth. I read it because without fail, I learn something. Since I’ve dedicated my life to being a teacher, the most important part of my job is continual learning. I love how much you remind me that MY greatest teachers are tiny people disguised as children. (Okay, okay, you’re not so tiny…sheesh…you get my point!)

    It will be no great surprise to you however that I want to challenge you, in your charge to converse with your readers.

    I want to read about your thoughts on the BEGINNING of a topic, before you have it figured out. So often writing is used as a wonderful mode of closure or for us to share what it is we just learned. I am more interested in how a kid like you–brighter than the average bear, as you are–approaches something he knows NOTHING about and begins the process of figuring it out. Not something easy for you to figure out, but something hard. Something you might not even figure out at all. So that’s what I want. Pick something you have no prior knowledge about and record your process of mastery. I am curious about your learning process and will probably learn something universal from you through this…again. :)

    1. Nikki, I have several responses for your several responses, which I will relate to you thusly:

      1. ” … tiny people disguised as children”? I’m not certain if I should be entertained or majorly creeped out. Probably both. Are you talking midgets in toddler pants?

      2. I appreciate your acknowledgement of my intellectual standing-over of the typical bear. My illogical phobia of my own insubordination to the large brownish mammals has been satisfyingly confuted. :-D

      3. This suggestion of yours, to write what I have yet to learn, is brilliant. Definitely going on the idea board. Thanks much.

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