Describe. The Giveaway. :: N.D. Wilson’s Notes From The Tilt-a-Whirl

“Describe a place. (That’s not hard.) Then a thing. (Harder, but still doable.) But then you have to describe a person. A living person. In one paragraph.” – This blog.

Miguel Solis is a bundle of energy, muscle, and grins. Along with his older siblings – Smack-Matt and the Two Beans – he is related to us by a love of God that surpasses even his affinity for his Ecuadorian father’s salsa. (Another thing we have in common.) His love for Jesus and love for the people that look down to him prove he’s taller than his stature might suggest.

The challenge of the artist is to take a black, watery substance (essentially nothing,) and make life. To take words (essentially everything,) and make people. Or define them. Fun stuff. :-)

So I’ve got a challenge for you. Take one paragraph and, as best you can, stuff a person into it. In return, you could win N.D. Wilson’s Notes From The Tilt-a-Whirl Film. >>

An Idea Film. A Bookumentary.

A cinematic treatment of a worldview. A poet live in concert. A motion picture sermon. VH1 Storytellers meets Planet Earth. In this unusual but fascinating film sequence, best-selling author N.D. Wilson gives an emotional and intellectual tour of life in this world and the final chapter that is death. Everything before and after and in between is a series of miracles–some of which are encouraging, others disturbing and uncomfortable. (Description from the Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl site.)

Enter by posting your paragraph in the comments below by July 28th, 2012, at midnight. On the 29th at noon, the winner will be revealed. And to prove how good your description is: Tell other artists. Share this image >>

or this link >>

or tweet it by clicking HERE. >>

Start now. One paragraph. 4 days. And a shot at a film that could change the way you think forever. Go.


One thought on “Describe. The Giveaway. :: N.D. Wilson’s Notes From The Tilt-a-Whirl

  1. For years, a man who is very special to me took in the motion of children’s scampering, a family’s laughter, and many moments of stillness from a leather lazy-boy chair in a log cabin. A stranger may have described him as nothing more than a wrinkled and frail old man who quietly observed from his comfortable seat, but to me he is the picture of a grand story of a life lived fully. One would never guess of his many adventures–which have taken him across the boundaries of countries and continents–by simply seeing him as he is today, but the experiences he had as a military man are a great part of what made him who he is now. From these experiences Dwight Sandgren gained an incredible amount of knowledge, wisdom, and character, but that is not why I write about him today. The reason I write of him today is for the simple fact that even though he has undoubtedly met many who are smarter and more important than myself, he believes in me, which encourages me to go farther than I would otherwise dare to go. Dwight is the most intelligent and honorable person I have ever met, although I may be biased–he is my grandpa.

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