Describe. (A Giveaway.) :: Place (Challenge 1)


Foto isit la. Photo here. (Creole)

Through the barbed wire atop the cinder block wall I glimpsed the faces of a hundred Haitian orphans grinning, sitting under a mango tree. Dust filled the air, my lungs, and my mind. I entered the gate and was met with a wave of yellowed teeth and wiry haired boys. I was grasped and held fiercely in the hands of joy.

The orphanage was simply indescribable. Therefore, the first thing I tried to do when we left was describe it. (Writer. Sue me.) Which brought to mind an idea. A description challenge, to best describe the indescribable. And a giveaway. Here’s how it will work.

1. Practice. The first two challenges will be for you to get comfortable. Describe a place. (That’s not hard.) Then a thing. (Harder, but still doable.) But then you have to

2. Partake in the main event. Describe a person. A living person. In one paragraph. O_o However, if you can do this better than anyone else, you can

3. Win a copy of N.D.Wilson‘s Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl DVD. Mr. Wilson’s writing denies the boundaries of description. He recently released a video for his book, Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl. I am wildly, madly, crazily excited. Here’s why. (Check out the trailer.)

4. Tell other artists. Spread the word. There’s a story to be had, in exchange for words. One paragraph. This is a deal you won’t find elsewhere. So tell people.

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5. Begin now. Leave your entry for the first challenge, “Describe a Place,” in the comments below. You have 48 hours, one paragraph, and the entirety of the English language at your disposal. Go.

Until the next…

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4 thoughts on “Describe. (A Giveaway.) :: Place (Challenge 1)

  1. Woodland is the one place that feels more like home than any house has ever been. The sandy dirt road leading to the comfortably worn cabins feels better barefoot. You can lift your face and inhale deep and breathe the sky and the lake and the trees in all at once. There is a quietness and a serenity and a sense of knowing who you are completely, all at once, and a joy running deep in the roots of the small lakeside resort itself. There is nothing fancy, nothing new, but there is such history that we slip into life at the lake as easy as if we had never left.

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