Haiti 2012 :: Foto? (Pt. 1)

Mwen foto? I photograph? (Creole)

The best way to start the first morning of an out-of-country mission trip. Or any morning, for that matter.

The travelers. (AAAAND Drew.)

First, bus.

8 hours later, a Chicago hotel. (Suuuite.)

Up @ 3AM for the flight out.

As tired as I was, this… just wasn’t gonna happen.


We arrived. We signed papers. We scrabbled (the verb, as in, to squabble, and not at all related to the game Scrabble) for our bags.

Reggie and the men in red carried our bags. A little too helpful. (They charged us, as a group, four times.)

Welcome to Haiti.

And so the Haitian driving… BEGINS.

Until the (inevitable) next…

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