Hope in Broken :: No money for barbed wire

Haiti Missions Trip, July 2012.

I’ve written about hope in brokenness before. So has God. But never before had I experienced it as I did in that cement orphanage in Haiti, in the shade of the mango tree. These little ones, sans parents, sans love, whose world had literally shaken. No wonder they clung to us so tightly. So desperate were they for love that they shoved each other away, each trying to keep the attentions of  “their missionary” to themselves.

It was unsettling to see such a hunger for love. Love to be fought for, clawed after, defended with blows. It hurt to see brothers push each other, squabbling over a hug. At first, I was bothered. Then sad. Then, determined.

Bothered because how could they be so selfish? There were 23  missionaries at their doorstep, with open arms and hearts full of Jesus. Where was the evidence of the thing, being, event, or otherwise, that could justify this warring for attention?

Sad because the evidence was surrounding me. Broken windows, and twisted barbed-wire atop walls of cinder block pocked with holes. Broken bottles atop the walls of those who had no money for barbed wire. Broken people. A broken situation – I can only stay for a week, and the children will be left alone again.

Determined because I learned how to say “like.” Tankou is Creole for the comparative “like,” (as in “dirt like cement” or “glares like daggers”) so I could tell the kids “Mwen renmen ou tankou Jezi renmen ou.” I love you like Jesus loves you. You will not be left alone, and you will be far from without love. Jesus will stay, even when I must go. And His love doesn’t have to be fought over.

Until the next… (and don’t worry – There WILL be pictures. :-))

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5 thoughts on “Hope in Broken :: No money for barbed wire

  1. Thanks for sharing, Seth. Its encouraging to hear how the missions trip went. Sounds like God was glorified. May the love of Christ indeed surround those children who so need His steadfast presence in their lives.

  2. Love it, Seth ~ My mind and heart are soaking up every detail and reflection of Haiti that you pour out, my boy – And I’m grateful. Keep pouring … :-)

  3. This is beautiful. God’s working in you, on you, through you, me boy. I hope the brokenness of people breaks your heart. And I hope the love of God fills you with great courage and passion. This is “life to the full,” yes? Love you kid.

  4. Seth, that was amazing. You perfectly put into words what we couldn’t seem to grasp on the rooftop that one night as we talked. Loved this man.

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