Spinning is a Challenge :: Leave the Ride Behind

Photo Credit: WunderGround.com

The cosmos is spinning. This planet is spinning. I am spinning. Someone, somewhere, invented the Paratrooper. And God, without a hint of irony in His voice, says, “Look at me.”

The ride started out still. There was light, there was fine dining, and beautiful artwork. But the anxious girlfriend, goaded by a conniving fellow passenger, kicked the lever into full gear. The boyfriend played along. And then they got dizzy. And sick. And the art turned to angry streaks.

There are penalties for spinning.

On the pavement outside the ride, directly by the control panel, stood a lone figure. He fiddled with the controls, and kept the machine operating, oiled its hinges and tightened its bolts. He cleaned up after the pukers, if they’d let him. And all the while he spoke to those on the ride.

I can stop this. It will stop, and soon. Trust me. For now, enjoy the colors, and the terrified face of that kid in the hoodie, and the deep fried food. But always remember that the ride ends. You can stay on. But it will stop moving, and the lights will go out, and a darker crowd will join you. Be careful of your choice, child, and know that I am in control.

They heard the voice, but could not always see the face through the spinning wall. They caught glimpses, but never gazed in full. Some chose to listen. Most kept on screaming, and clutching to their friends and family, and the worn, padded bars that held them, temporarily, in their places.

When it stopped, those who had listened exited dizzily, but with smiles on their faces. They stumbled off the ride, through the gate, and away from the park entirely. They traveled with Him to a palace, where they danced and sang and feasted. They forgot the fearful many who stayed to cry and sit ever-still in the darkest place.

Have you chosen to leave the ride?

Until the next…

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