5 Tips for better (and more) writing

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5 tips that will change the way you change the way you write. (That’s not a typo. But give me just a second. [Or four points.]) These are my trial and error results. I’m hoping they’ll be your trial results. Let’s start with

1. Move. You have to flex your muscles before you flex your mind. A friend of mine asked me what the best way to start working on a book was. I told him to go for a jog. Also, it’s scientifically proven (kind of) that you get your best ideas while farthest from a pen and paper.

2. Read. What you take in, you will put out. Read well, write well. And take in a variety of genres. Sci-fi helps me write adventure, and vice-verse. Try a historical fiction book. (They’re not as bad as you think.) Munch on some theology, courtesy of Lewis, or Eldredge. And speaking of munching…

3. Snack. Here’s the problem. (At least, my problem.) I find the perfect spot, and begin writing with fervor, when suddenly, the urge hits me. The urge to do something. And I’m in my perfect place. Wha?! Huh?! NOW WHAT?!? Bring some M&M’s. Or better, unsalted nuts. And bottled water. Clap your hands, whistle a tune, dance a jig, eat and drink. You have done. Now carry on creating.

4. Sit. Find a great spot to write. Walk a little ways to get there, and you’ll cover point 1, too. Do you live near a library, or a church that’s open all the time? I have a chapel straight across the street from my house, and I go write on the balcony in the back. It’s beautiful. And what’s more, inspiring, and completely comfortable. Find somewhere you can write comfortably, without distraction, however and whenever you want.

5. Write. Yep. I have to go with the obvious. Obvious, but true. The only way to succeed in writing is to write. And write. And write again. It is more often a matter of willpower than of skill to sit at one’s desk/in one’s loft/in the chapel… It is scary to think of spending much time simply putting black on white, over and over again, but believe me, it is so worth it. You can create worlds. Go do so.

Until the next…

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for better (and more) writing

  1. Do you think this will convince Mom to let me have some M&M’s????????? :PPPP

    Thanks so much for writing this up!! I think it’ll help!

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