Empty Words :: “Like, I totally just…”

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“I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

You can not afford to employ pointless words, artists. Because you have an audience. Your mouth is the door to your temple, and the words that come out between your teeth reveals what is between your ears. You are not empty. There’s a message that you were made to tell, and not only tell, but live. Do not dishonor yourself by distracting those who are willing to listen to you with empty words.

What do I mean by empty? For example: Out of the last ten PG-13 movies I have seen, at least five could have been changed to PG if the swearing was removed. And more often than not, the words were completely pointless. What do you think, Hollywood? Is it your crazy (and, if I may be so bold, unreasonable) need to be hip that causes you to shake groups of ten to twelve year-old boys out of your viewing rooms for action movies, proverbial water off a duck’s back, with language that doesn’t even fit the scene? “Let’s go for a bike ride. ____.” And it bothers me, because there’s nothing for Samuel Jackson to even be swearing about in this scene!

Empty words are artless. Filler-words in a conversation. (See “The unnecessary ‘really.’“: “Hey, Kev! I got a new bike!” “Really?” “Well, yeah, Kev. Why else would I be telling you?” “Oh, right. Seriously, though?”) Really. Just. Very. Totally. They mean absolutely nil when used this way. Their purpose is to tell me that what I just said is what I just said. To which my only response, with an awkward smile, is: “Great, dude. But I already knew that.” :-)

The average attention span online of an internet user is 8 seconds. That gives them about enough time to read/hear, “Like, I totally just went to this really great-” Ding. Out of time. And they’re off to the next post, or the next speaker, looking desperately for someone who is bold enough to say something, and what’s more, not to say nothing. Or, you write something captivating. And they stay. And they think. And they come back. You deserve that. So make it happen. Use words that matter. Until the next…


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