I’ve watched you go through seminary. Late nights, later nights (early mornings doesn’t work before 5) coffee flowing bountifully. You studied maniacally, and accomplished much. Dude, you learned Greek. You earned about 120.7 extra cool points for that one. It’s all Greek to me. (You deserved that. You really did.)

I’m honored to be Josh’s kid. :-) Drumming and loving deep and forgetting things all the time – I get that stuff from you. Not my hair, or my taste for guacamole, or tea… but I digress. I did get my love of vacation, and family time, from you. You have made it clear that we, and your time spent with us, matter. Also, you can pretty much kill a baseball.

You are a worshiper, a leader, a dad, an artist, a photographer,  a husband, a writer, and awesome. Happy Father’s day, Pa.

P.S. Thanks for picking mom like you did.
P.P.S. She told me she’s got a crush on you. But don’t tell her I said.

Love, Scoot


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