COFFEE :: Rumor Has It

Photo Credit: Giuseppe Del Monte

There’s a rumor amongst us writers. I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, if you are a writer, to some extent. Rumor has it that coffee is the fruit of heaven. It will change the way you write, live, and especially dance. Your novel will go from 2D to 5D. Your hero will sprout wings, and vanquish evil with a charming smile and a handful of witty quips.

When Al Gore invented the internet, he was sipping a cup of java. It’s the secret ingredient in crack. Superman woke up in the morning, along with 50% (scientifically maybe proven) of the rest of this planet’s geniuses and superheroes, to a streaming bucket of this gnarly brew. When Van Gogh painted his sunflowers, the vase was filled with coffee. After Jesus turned water to wine, he turned his own wine to coffee. (Pretty sure that’s in John somewhere.) He likethed it… alot.

The iPhone is run on coffee. So are light bulbs. And most nuclear power plants.

Let me tell you a secret: The rumors are true. Until the next…

Coffee your beverage of choice? Or tea?


One thought on “COFFEE :: Rumor Has It

  1. Oh yes, coffee fuels AND rules the universe. Of that I am certain.

    As for Jesus, I love the fact that he’s a fellow coffeeholic too. Just one more way that I’m created in his image.

    And as for coffee being the secret ingredient in crack? … Well, ’tis rather unfortunate that there might be hordes of people wanting to try it now. XD

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