Traveling :: Lakeside Ponderings

Traveling is a wonderful thing. Like nearly everything else in life, it can also be viewed as an allegory. (Or, if you’re my dad, a sermon illustration.) The spirit inside you was made for a better place, and it can’t help but lust for things to be different. Home is not the building that you live in, but is better defined as the place that you’ll be in the End. You know as well as I do that this simply can’t be it. :-)

With this same journey-inclined heart, I set out yesterday morning with my family for a cabin by the lake. Cramped hours in the car, eased only by the quirky musings of Twain’s Tom Sawyer, were forgotten, their place in my mind occupied by the smell of lake in the air. The  late-day sun glinted off of the water. In all honesty, I can not apologize for the lack of beautiful, lake-filled pictures (They are likely to make their appearance in tomorrows post.) because I spent my time instead wading in the chilled lake water with my fam.

Here, for a while, I will make my temporary home, and live on with the hope of a future filled with further such adventures. To walk the streets of gravel and to climb a stair of wood is only to move on towards the paths and stairs of gold that await me. In the meantime I will ponder, walk, climb, and swim with a fervor. :-D Until the next…


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