Why I Call You Mom

Momma. It is Mother’s Day, 2012, and I have no words. I mean… well, you know I have words. You’ve been living with me for fourteen years. But I can’t honestly express all that makes you what you are to me in a blog post. The idea in itself is… it is just plain weird. However, I write the post besides this fact because I have had a peculiar satisfaction in pointing to what’s mine and shouting “Look what I’ve got!” So there it is, then.

Look, everybody. This is my mom. :-)

You are in love with Jesus. Every day you are showing this to me. It is MAJORLY inspiring. To see you worship at church, or study your bible in preparation for speaking, or pray with the boys… Wow.

You are in love with Dad. Seeing you chat with him, about your many children, or the tie he is wearing, or WHATEVER- It makes me laugh. I want to love someone like you guys love each other, someday.

You love US. And you love that we are US, rather than just you and I and them. We are a family. The people who stay up together talking and eating goat cheese on Triscuits. I will always remember those chats. (And those Tricuits.) :-D I love you, momma. Happy Mother’s Day.


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