Anger :: Righteous, Birds, and Otherwise

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Little green piglets hide beneath shelters of glass, wood, and stone. Fearful glances are made at the skies above, from hence fly vengeful fowl, looks of hatred glimpsed moments before touch down. Pig slaughter ensues…

Modern day entertainment. It’s 2012, people- kids are over little yellow wedges that eat white balls whilst being chased by specters of the undead. (For those of you that were born after that aren’t old yet, I’m talking Pacman. For the sake of irony… Google it.) It’s delightful stuff, really. But besides having a fantastic soundtrack, Angry Birds is centered on my theme for this entire post: Anger.

What makes you angry? What, when mentioned, causes you to grumble, frown, and maybe throw whatever you are holding at the closest living target? Is it the government? Your junkie car that fails half the time you use it, and half the time you don’t? Golf on television? For me, it’s books with cruddy endings. (Pay attention, all you authors out there: This bothers me.) Sure, maybe it was artful, but he still died. Maybe it was heart-rending, but how can you see that as a good thing? Stories are meant to end well.

But honestly, there are a lot of things you are probably angry about that you don’t need to be, and even shouldn’t be. Don’t get me wrong: There are things to be angry about. Like Satan. Man I don’t like that guy. Or starving children. Drugs. Murder. All of these are on my “Things to be angry about” list. But the sibling that’s poking me because he wants a sip of my pop, or the gentleman on his bike who frowns on my silly choice of transport (walking) takes the backseat. Or should. (I’m working on it.)

Sin. Sin is bad. (I’m nailing these fundamentals today.) And I hate sin with a passion. This is called “Righteous anger.” It’s what God had when the Israelites mouthed off one two many times, and when they worshiped giant man-made cow statues. (These people were waaaay off base.) It’s what happens when good looks at evil and says, “That is just nasty.” Righteous anger is, as the name implies, right.

Then their are those other things. Your friend who complains about things you didn’t even know were issues. The little spoiled kid you see at Target, pestering his mom for one more box of chocolate cereal because he reallyreallyreally wants the prize inside. Those annoying, bothersome, Oh, Ratzafratzin… moments. (Do you use Ratzafratzin? Am I the only one who does that?) But these aren’t things to get angry about- These are things you can change. A massive part of this is just setting a better example. If you can’t… you are probably bothering someone too.

Basically, and this is gonna’ sound weird, but I think you’ll get it: Get angry at the right things. Monitor in yourself what makes you mad, and change it, if necessary. Until the next…

What makes you angry?


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