Splenda :: Say it like it is.

Have you ever tasted Splenda? They market it as the healthier sugar. It isn’t. It’s Splenda. Maybe you haven’t had it. It’s grainy, sugar like substance- until it’s in your mouth. Then? It tastes like Splenda.

I think you might have realized by now that I don’t like Splenda. I think you may have also realized, after reading my blog for as long as you have, (It doesn’t have to have been very long.) that I exaggerate. Pretty much ALL THE TIME. It’s just the way I am. I go to write a book review, and it is difficult for me not to just begin by saying, “AAAAAHH!!! It was SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!” (In fact, I think I may have done that once or twice. [A thousand times.])

I’m working on a novel. When I create a character, my first impressions of them are usually majorly exaggerated. Giant nose, tiny nose. Pumped, wimpy. Fat, skinny. (Think Norton Juster’s Canbe.) It takes some work to make them realistic. (Though realistic isn’t always what I’m going for.)

But you see, this is how I see everything. It’s kind of like six-year-old syndrome. “How was the game?” “We beat ’em like a billion to zero, Ma! You should have seen my last hit; It tore straight through the fence!” For me, it’s always either the best, or the worst… at least, for the ten minutes after I do it. The most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. The best ice cream I ever tasted. You get the picture. (Best picture EVER.)

And I hope I see things like this always. I imagine (or hope) that it will help my writing. I see things greater, bigger, more amazing than they could ever be, at least in this world. I see the best in the average, the biggest in the big, and the infinitesimal in the small. I talk “sugar”, rather than “Splenda”. I don’t try to fake it. That skyscraper is really tall. I won’t tone down every word. That dog is pin-head small. And I will NEVER stop. Until the next…


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