I Feel a Little Crazy :: Fly Away

Oh, I feel a little crazy. And the view from here is hazy. I don’t want to feel lazy, but I do.
I want to just feel motivated. If only  my thoughts were coat-ivated from top to bottom o’er, all in glue. (‘Cause then they’d stick.)
Yeah, wouldn’t that be slick. ‘Cause then they’d stick.

Fly away thoughts like this… that’s how my head works. (This is going to be a shorter post, FYI.) Just some things I’ve noticed recently. Here’s one from yesterday.

Silence falls. Wind roars.
es shiver. Fire dances.
Birds chorus. Ants parade.
Words flow. Rivers writhe.
Speeches penetrate. Love burns.

Art Speaks.

Little things, popping into my head. I imagine (or would hope that) it’s like the saying of Bilbo Baggins.

And I listen, and I think. Time doesn’t seem to pass here. It just is a remarkable place altogether.” -J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

Little thoughts like little birds, I try to catch them. I grasp at them soon as they enter my mind, pushing a pen at dangerous speeds across a journal page, just trying to get it all down before it flies away.

Unknown Artist (i.e. Not me.)

Take a second to just think today. Until the next…

P.S. Keep an eye out these next couple days on The Zebra… there’s an update in the giveaway coming…


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