Lost for Fun on Accident

I went for a bike ride today. Last night, the sun reflected off the lake in the most unusual way. I got lost on my way around the lake. And all of these sentences mean the same thing: I have some pictures to show you.

Quiet little lakeside spot. I might come down here and read sometime, if only for the visual appeal. Definitely not for the comfortable chairs.

Reflections are the photographer's best friend. This is the kind of thing that makes me look up at God and say, "WOW. Seriously?! Are you for serious?!?"

If there *is* a path that leads to nowhere... I think I found it. (Otherwise, you probably step through this into Narnia.)

Speaking of Narnia...

Take a second and wrap your head around this one. :-)

AAaaand then this. I Have No Words.

Beauty, in my opinion, is some of the greatest evidence in favor of Creation. I see careful art, not random chance. Until the next…


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