California Day 5 :: Raining, and ATW

It is raining. On Saturday. Guess this means I’m going to have sit inside all day and read, write, and take pictures. *dramatic sigh* I guess I’ll survive. :-D

Fond dreams of mountains. Frond dreams of palm trees.

The infamous raindrop on plant picture. T’will be the photographer’s bane.

Breakfast: Pupusa and Horchata. They both taste three times as good as they sound. (That is to say... they taste really good.)
Mini pine cones.
And Michelle is sewing. She sews techie style. The machine she's sitting at is like the iPad for sewing.
Dog app.
Around the World Family Picnic @ Concordia University Irvine was tonight. School family, actual family, rounders and roundlings. :-) FUN.

Not Al. Ah. #lazyahs

Me and my friend Brock Powell. Theatre dude who's trying out for "Crush" at Disneyland tomorrow. #dude #finnoggin #TOTALLY
I found this ironic. :-)
I've got "Stand in the rain" (Superchick) playing in my head. #Artist

Two days left. Until the next…

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