California Day Four :: Climb

Here’s just one more “I am jet lagged and it’s late in CA and I did something awesome today” picture post.

I climbed a mountain.

Here she is, the beaut. Though it looks small, this... well, yeah, it's small. But we had fun. :-D

The views we had all the way up were spectacular.

My "tour guides" fell a little behind, completely incapable of performing their duties in defending me from wild ruffians, angry house cats, or cacti.

Luckily, though, there were only cacti. (The ruffians, I figure, must've been on spring break too?)

I'm convinced this sign said something life-altering at some point in time.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to... (ominous tones...) The Yellow Zone. (Doo-doo-doo-doo...)

(Click to see full size)

Then there were THESE thinga-ma-jiggers besides the path. They looked like small watermelons. They did NOT taste like small watermelons.

We ended the night with a trip to the theatre to see John Carter. (I admit I was a little more excited about The Hobbit trailer that played in 3D before the movie. :-D)

More tomorrow. Until the next…


One thought on “California Day Four :: Climb

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!! I find myself in great suspense … just WAITING for your next post to come up! :-) All kinds of GRAND, my boy! ~ Yo Momma

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