California Day (Night?) Three :: Night of Hope

Today, I took an awesome creative writing class, (Much thanks to professor Gavin. Your teaching style was as smooth as cowboy poetry.) had another breakfast burrito, and got to know some of the students on campus. But the big event of the day (or night) was Night of Hope. They had Phil Wickham there, and it was simply… awe-inspiring. His voice, and his constant Tebow-style “Hey everyone, just remember, this is God’s work” were just… just… Here are some pictures. :-)

Phil warms up as the temp cools down.

There are signs up all over campus, and the word has been spread.

Hestyn is the first band to play. (Personally, I thought the rule was "Save the best for last." Guess I was wrong.)

One of the things I loved about this event was that there was art going CONSTANTLY. *Good* art, too. :-)

There was an improv team. (P.S. I think I've decided what I want to do with my life.)

Next up was "The Slow Waltz." Harmony was ear popping, heart stopping, and jaw dropping. (But not pig slopping.)

The night was a benefit for Fikisha, and Adam and several others spoke.

And then, Phil sang. ... And the night... was kind of over at that point. What a capper, though. O_O WOW.

Another amazing day in Cali, looking forward to more. Until the next…

P.S. Guess who won the camera case “opportunity drawing”? (They didn’t have raffles. It’s a Christian campus. :-D) Yeah, t’was I. Kiiind’a freaking out over here. Nearly as bad as that dude from the airport. *shudder*


3 thoughts on “California Day (Night?) Three :: Night of Hope

  1. Glad you’re enjoying some warmth like we are, Seth! :) Sounds like quite a night!!! Say ‘hi’ to my best man and your Uncle Adam!

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