California Day One :: The Flight

I got on a plane today, and flew to California. Here are pictures. (It’s late. No time for words, or head space. That’ll be tomorrow. :-))

Which one do we talk to...
Getting on the plane... ALONE. *gulp*
Finally up in the air. The great thing about MN is the mirror/lakes that are everywhere. BEAUTIFUL.
Gotta' love Skymall. "And you only have to wear it for a couple of weeks!"
Denver Airport. Home of the, uhh... Ator? (What do you call an elevator if it doesn't rise?!) Laziest walk I ever took.
Loved the hugeness. :-) There were *literally* birds flying around in here. Too cool.
This guy was FAR too excited for me to be getting back on the plane.
You know your in CO when you hit the mountains. These made me want chocolate and mint.
You can't see it as much in this picture, but everything around here kind of looks Seussish. The green of the grass, the shape of the trees... I love it.
Sunset on the beach with a fish taco and a rice-vanilla-milk beverage. (nomnomnom) And climbed out maybe 15 yards on some huge rocks to get this picture. Barefoot. Uphill, both ways.
Finished the day with Yogurt land frozen yogurt. (MN goers, think "Freeziac" times 70 bagillion.)

And then I went to bed, and woke up and wrote a new blog post that explained everything better. (That is to say, goodnight to me, and good morning to you.)


3 thoughts on “California Day One :: The Flight

  1. Fabulous, Seth!

    I literally laughed out loud when I saw that pic w/the Southwest guy cheering. I think I might have walked by the same picture and thought similar thoughts, “like wow, we need to start cheering as we board the plane,” thoughts. Love your pics in Denver as well. Yes, those make for a lazy walk, or a really fast speed walk. ;)

    Have a great trip. And, of course, I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. Loved a “bajillion” things about this post, Scoo! And, yes, the cheering guy … Be forwarned that that will be yo momma when you get OFF the plane back here in MN! ;-)

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