Snow, rain, and snow again :: A Seuss Day Post

It’s been cold.
We’ve had snow.
We’ve been dying to go
Out the door.
Chilly air.
Won’t you play with us there?

We had snow, then had rain, then had snow once again.
These beauties of nature give life to my pen. :-)

Holy shamoley! The ice, it has coated
the bushes, the flowers-
Each treetop is loaded
with crystals of ice, and they shine bright, so nicely.
Who knew I could feel so warm when so icey?

The snow fell with much tiny plipping and plopping,
received gladly after all the rain’s dripping and dropping.

A Seuss post in rhymes makes for loads of good times. :-)
Have two quotes, you all. (They’re stuck up on my wall.)

I hope you don’t mind my form.
(I’ll admit, it’s pretty loose.)
Though perhaps it’s not my norm,
Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

P.S. Look down below this post! See anything new? Got m’self a publicize bar. If you like the post, like the post! :-) Until the next…


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