A Poem :: Bookshelves and Towers

Photo Credit: Unknown Andre... I just know that his first name is Andre. *shrug*

“Bookshelves” by Seth Skogerboe

Towers on a wooden floor,
filled with people, stories, more.
Wise men, foolish. Whispers. Roars.
Of course, I speak of bookshelves.

See the stories pouring out.
One overflows with magic trout.
(The best ones, proud, stick bookmarks out.)
There’s stories on these bookshelves.

Poetry flows like water, sweet.
In some, I hear the tramp of feet,
going off to fight, or greet.
Whole worlds on my bookshelves.

Each one is a special portal.
One shows true love. One shows immortals.
Some of them just make you chortle.
The power of the bookshelves.

Until the next…


6 thoughts on “A Poem :: Bookshelves and Towers

  1. Great poem, not to contradict you donrobbins4, but I really did enjoy it! I’ll show my co-author, and friend this. I’m sure they’ll love it as well! :D

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