Light made Physical :: God’s Touch

How do you see God, who is no longer physical on this earth? How do you know his face, with eyes that cannot function as He always meant them to? How do you feel his touch, hear his voice? Art is to Artist as book is to Author as song is to Singer. I think I know how.

I see Him in the sunset, and more so in its rise. Light; burning, fiery warmth. He smiles down at me throughout the day, warming me with his light. I do not love the sun itself, but what it represents in Him. I imagine that someday, when I die, I will meet him. I see him as light, magnified to infinity, and in a physical form, holding me in His arms.

I feel his touch in the snowflakes, tickling my face. The cool wind ruffling my hair. Sticky bits of white clinging to my shirt, dampening my gloves and numbing my hands. A beautiful Christmas present, If I may say so myself. Thanks, Dad.

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Jones-Williams

His voice is in the flutter of birds’ wings, the boom of thunder, the whispers of wind through a field of wheat. He speaks.

I see these things not as the sight, voice, or touch of God himself, but as reflections of what is to come. An echo of words yet unspoken, an anticipation of a happy reunion. One more comparison to add to my original list: As art is to Artist and and book to the Author, so song is to Singer as son is to Father.

    Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness;
tremble before him, all the earth!
(Psalm 96:9 ESV)

And so we tremble. :-)

Where do you see Him?


5 thoughts on “Light made Physical :: God’s Touch

  1. I see him in a baby’s smiles and coos. I hear him in crashing thunder and in murmuring tree leaves waving in soft breezes. In the stillness of prayer alone in my room He waits for me.

  2. This was amazing! I just finished writing a science paper for the science fair, and have been very frustrated through the whole process. Yet during the week I have been feeling the LORD in ways I didn’t before. Like a cool, crisp breeze from my open window, or a song on the radio. Thank you so much for posting this!

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