Stressed :: A Short Poem

(Haven’t been posting much lately, due to homework, play work, book blog reading, etc. So I wrote you a poem. Enjoy.)

Math. Science. Math. Language.
Math. History. Math.
Math. Math. Math.

Theatre. Dancing. Singing. Memorizing.
“Llama”ing. Sweating. Working.
Fun. Hard. But fun.

Writing. Reading. Writing for school.
Not quite so fun.
Watching my siblings.
“Brother”ing. Fun. But hard.

Life. Work. Fun.
Living. “AAAauUuGgHhh.”
The end.

Feelin' a little... Crazy.

(Above image is not a pic of me. It is a picture of my pal Grant, who was the first of the two of us to realize that winter hats in the winter are cool. Like me, Grant is a little crazy.) Really, I shouldn’t complain. But this is my life right now. Fun, but hard. Work, but right. Until the next…

What’s got you stressed today?


6 thoughts on “Stressed :: A Short Poem

  1. Ugh! Where should I start? Well first I wanted to say that I auditioned for the Heritage School play. That was nerve-racking! Next, the science fair project. (We have homework over Christmas break!) My story I’m writing, which my friend need by today. Homework, tests, and extra-curricular like piano or bible study also keep me very occupied. Chores, and babysitting siblings (which I am currently doing… kind of). = stress

  2. I’d like to point out two things. One) your new artsy thingy at the top of your page is cool ^^. Two) the photo above is slightly larger on my e-mail and I think you may have given your friend there a bloody nose…haha. You definitely must be stressed.

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