Family, Guns, and Meat :: I Love My Life

Oh, man. Can I just say that I love my life. :-) And a big part of my life is my Family. Thanksgiving in Bemidji was (for the sake of originality,) fantasmagorical. BB-shooting,

book reading,

Etch-a-Sketching, (Seriously. I think it’s my spiritual gift.)

(See the photo on the top right? That box of scribblage is where I accidentally misspelled “Laugh” as “Lanf.” Whoops. Anyways, ever since then, I’ve been using Lanf as an actual word. Mmmmmmmm-hm.)

And, of course, turkey, potato, pie, and treat eating. Check these out:

Thank you Gramma. :-) Happy (late) Thanksgiving, all. Until the next…

How was your Thanksgiving?


One thought on “Family, Guns, and Meat :: I Love My Life

  1. Our Thanksgiving was like most. My cousins came over, and we shared Thanksgiving together. The one unique thing about this occasion was, besides the party later that night, we had Thanksgiving LUNCH! Instead of dinner. Also, we had 1 pumpkin pie, which was very small… But lots of other delectables like apple crisps! I said Thanksgiving prayer! That was cool! The best part was the 4 days of school I missed because of it! Yay!

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