ABC’s of Thanks :: I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and Buh-nAnA’s

Linking up with Rachel Martin fo her ABC’s of Thanksgiving Link-up. Click the button to check it out! >

Finding Joy | The ABC's of ThanksA. Acting (Which is, coincidently, Absolutely Amazing.)
B. Baby Z (Sooooo Big!)
C. Cooking (and being Cooked for. :-) )
D. Devices (such as the Laptop I’m now typing on.)
E. Everything “book”y
F. Family (Funk-ay.) and Friends (Fantastico.)
G. Grandpa, Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma (Bob, Lo, Neil, Celeste)
H. Habanero Salsaaa…
I. Infants In the Church Nursery.
J. “JK”ing with Pa. :-)
K. Kiddos. The lot of ’em.
L. Llama Llama Scarlet PJ’s.
M. Mom. (Magnificence, Multiplied by… uh… a Million?) :-)
N. Nuggets of Knowledge from my Bible (Not the “chicken” kind.) :-P
O. Oz (and Other such magical places…)
P. Pops (who Plays Ping-Pong and PWNs.) :-)
Q. Quesodillas (Cheese and Peanutbutter please.
R. Rolling around in the Snow
S. Social Media
T. Tea. (‘Nuff said.)
U. Upsetting squirrels (preferably with a gun.)
V. Voices (With which one may, sing, or speak, or shout.)
W. Wisconsin Aged Cheeses
X. X-tra Cheese. :-D
Y. Your iPod Touch (which, odds are, I’ve probably borrowed by now.)
Z. Zebra, The Embarrassed

(Also, headed north to Bemidji for Thanksgiving with the fam. May or may not write a “I’m in paradise with lots of turkey” post, but don’t be waiting for it. :-) Happy Thanksgiving!)


3 thoughts on “ABC’s of Thanks :: I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and Buh-nAnA’s

  1. If the whole alphabet were made up of the letter “S,” I’d choose “Seth” for every one. If there was no “S” in the alphabet, you’d be out of luck. Love you kid.

  2. Dear GNS,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fabulous fam! We are so grateful to be extended fam with each of you. We pray God will continue to abundantly bless you all as you go about His leading in 2012!
    Hugs and Love,
    GAG, GUT (Ha!), MS & Come Sunday Puppy #8 too! We’re still accepting name suggestions!

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