Muse :: Born of a Wandering Mind

BREAKING NEWS: New blog name! New blog header! Same blog… but still exciting! I’ve been dissatisfied with my blog title for quite a while. It was the result of a web “fad” that was going on when I started blogging. You know:


(image courtesy of or, if you’re feeling really crazy…

It just wasn’t me. And so, I present unto you- (Drumroll, please.) Muse: Born of a Wandering Mind.

I’ve had the title in mind for a long time; it came upon me in the car. Luckily, I wasn’t driving, as I bounced in my seat and exclaimed, “OH!” (Nothing fancy like “Eureka!” or “Cowabunga!” I’ll leave those ones to the TMNT.) Unfortunately, I’m not fantastic at making headers. And this one had to be amazing, and memorable. So I asked a friend of mine to do it, and sent some concept art, and… here tis’. Glorious in its splendour. (P.S. If you are looking for a cool header image, or new design for your blog, talk to my friend Hannah. Her work is great, and affordable. And great. [see above image.])

Well all, I guess this is all encompassed by a single phrase. “Welcome to Muse.” :-)


5 thoughts on “Muse :: Born of a Wandering Mind

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Love that your amazing friend did this for you – it truly is great! The picture is PERFECTION. Here is how lame I am – I can’t even remember what your blog title used to be. Oh my – that’s embarrassing. Anyway – I love that you are constantly creating and thinking and growing – God bless you big today, wise one.

  2. (btw – the proofer in me noticed that you have an extra “to” in the little descriptive paragraph thingy below your eyeball picture. :-) I’m here for ya’.)

  3. GNS, “Muse…” is an insightful title. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas under your new heading. It was so good to see you Sunday! I think you may be taller than me now… Hugs, GAG

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