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Woah, gimme’ a interweb-high-five-to-the-face for my king of all bad puns. “In my sites”? Yeah, er, it’s… late. *cough*

You know it. And on a completely different subject that I’m sliding into without your noticing, check out these sites I use. Like Pandora?

How cool is this? If you don’t use it, I’ll clue you in. You sign up for a free account, enter the name of a favorite band, and it begins a playlist for you called “Whatever Band Name You Chose” Radio, which plays music by said band and by bands like that band. Shows you music that you may have not ever heard before and will probably love.

I’m an unashamed bookworm- a geek, and proud. And reading like a lunatic comes with the title. I am the proud owner of what’s getting dangerously close to being 400 books, and I’ve read almost all them. Have you read my bio? Here’s a snippet.

I’d rather sleep in a Library than my bedroom.

I love the escape that books offer. And a great place to catalog what books you have, what books you want, what books you want to read, etc. is Shelfari. I’ve been on there for almost 2 years, and I use it at least once week. >

And of course, the terrific twosome. Twitter and Facebook. Great for writing about yourself all day. … … Nah, I’m just kidding. I’ve got a blog for that. :-) Twitter is a great way to force yourself to say what you mean in a small amount of words. Ever struggling with a blog title? Try to tweet your thoughts- 140 characters only. It’ll be in there. >!/sjskogerboe

And Facebook is a great for connecting with friends, as well as publicizing one’s self. And to be funny, if you’re into that kind of thing. (It’s fun[ny] to make people laugh.) >

I hope you’ve enjoyed my social media blither. Are you on any of the above sites? Send me your username/URL/whatever so I can follow you/friend you/whatever-take-two. Until the next…


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