An Audition :: (Who’s your Llama…)

(This past week, I auditioned for a musical at Stages Theatre Company called “Llama Llama Red Pajama.” I got the part. That’s right folks- I am officially Joey Llama. Here’s a poem I wrote about my audition. :-) )

Driving to Stages Theatre
Watching the sun set,
 Like a slice of orange in a cup of bubbling tonic.

Butterflies in my stomach
 Feel more like birds
 Flapping their wings in sync
 With the bumps in the road.

Lines for my audition spin round in my head.
 What if I stop- freeze up?
 Dad asks me questions, makes jokes to distract me,
But I’m standing in the small room, staring at the judges.

We pull up, I walk in and up the stairs inside,
Glancing at the artwork on the wall.
Colorful scenes grab at m attention,
But cannot hold it.

I meet a guy named Kevin
who was in Terabithia.
The Scripture on the back
of his T-shirt makes me smile,
cheers me up a bit.

But now it’s my turn.
Into the audition room.
The Birds in my stomach make a second appearance.

But I stand, and sing my song.
The judges laugh at the humorous bits,
thank me for my time.
Then I am done.

The next day, I get a call.
I made the play!
I tell my family, “Finally,
I’m a Llama!”
and they laugh, and congratulate me.

And I enjoy cooked birds for dinner.

:-D Mighty tasty, those birds.


7 thoughts on “An Audition :: (Who’s your Llama…)

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