The Army in the Middle :: A Story of Perspective

Two armies face each other on the battle field.

 On one side, soldiers covered in black paint scream and rant angrily, with shouts of “FREEDOM” ringing throughout their masses. Some are less lively, walking silently with  faces blank. Others are vehement, shouting out angry battle cries. But all are moving in one direction.

Facing them is a gleaming army, dressed all in white and shining like the sun. They hold no swords; only shields, which they press against the ranks of those black-painted soldiers, pushing them back. Their determined faces glint with sweat.

But this is not the end of the story. No, with a closer look, they’re is much more to be noted. On the arms of those painted black, there is a brand- a brand that marks them as the property of another. But it’s so covered in dirt, paint- it’s almost unrecognizable.
Tears streak the faces of those in white, mingling with the blood of the wounds they have suffered for their cause. Listen closely. Amid the cries of the other soldiers, you can hear their voices. “No! Turn back!” They cry. “You know not of what is coming!”

And what, indeed, is coming? If you look further yet, past those in white, you will see yet another army: a swarm of angry, red demons. Fangs glint in their masses, and angry howling rings through their midst. They sprint towards the battlefield, hungry for blood…

This isn’t a call to arms. You are already fighting. Rather, it is a question: Who are you fighting for? Do you stand in the gap? Or do you fight blindly towards a terrible fate, one which you can’t fathom the consequences of? Stop. Repent, and come clean in the blood of Jesus, who already fought the war for you.

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