Me and My Punk-Rocker Cough :: A Tasty Beverage

It’s getting cold out. Minnesota is following back into its usual cold, windy state. (Heheh. State. Heh.) As for me, I’m very happy. But cold. And asthmatic, as I am now beginning to realize.

"This one goes out to all my friends in Southern Idaho. AaIiEe!!!

I only wish my coughs were this cool. But no- they’re dry and boring. Bah. Even my coughs are nerdy. *sigh* But do you know the upside of allergies?

Lemon + Mint + Hot water = AAAAAHH SO NUMMAY!!! Seriously, though, I’m drinking this stuff right now. Does wonders for a skritchy throat. (Yeah, just made up a word. Don’t judge me. It’s my blog. *muttermutter*) This is my seventh cup today.

Wondering about my lack of pictures taken by myself? SO AM I! Actually, the cord for my Dad’s camera to connect to the computer is missing, so all the crazy  cool pictures I’ve taken in the past couple days are locked up on that camera. I’ll have to post those as soon as I find the cord.

I'm SO sorry... I just couldn't resist.

Also, you noticed I said Dad’s camera? Yeah, I kind of… don’t… have one. Boo. I’ve got a whole bunch of cash saved to get the iPod Touch 5th Gen. that was supposed to come out in September. I’ve wanted such a camera/social media device/music player for a few months now, so I’ve pooled my cash. But no such luck. Maybe I’ll get an iPhone 4s instead. (…BAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right.) Anyone want to make a $300 dollar cash donation?

What’s your favorite “not-feelin-very-good” beverage?


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