A Little More Life :: I ♥ My Pocket Protector

I have lots to say, but I’ll start with the big stuff: I crashed a Nerd Party. (You didn’t know they had those? Yes, they do. You didn’t know you could crash one? Yes you can.) We were driving home from a friend’s house after getting McDonald’s Pumpkin pies and driving by the lake (side note: Mom, I love you.) when we saw them: Puffy sleeves. Giant glasses. “I ♥ my Pocket Protector” T-shirts. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) This was a Nerd Party. I, with two of my younger brothers, sprinted upstairs to change.

And when you’re dressing to crash a nerd party, you have to be REALLY geeky. An Ultra-Geek, so to speak. I’m telling you this so that when you blow a gasket laughing at the coming image, you don’t think poorly of my sense of fashion. Just to clarify. Cos’ that would be bad.


As the picture had to be cropped a bit, you can’t see Levi’s Santa socks. Or Isaac’s pants, bedecked with pictures of some rocker lady from the 80’s. Or the fact that I’m wearing a pair of Levi’s pants. But, as Isaac made sure of, we had video evidence. :-) Are you ready?

Nerd Crash 2011 from Joshua Skogerboe on Vimeo.

Yeah, that was pretty sweet. You know what’s even better?

Photo Credit: Amy Skogerboe, AKA Momma. :-)

One of the numerous fall shots you’ve probably seen on the web in the last couple weeks. The trees around here look like yellow red and green fireworks. Fall is God’s way of painting abstract. And making Ezra very, very happy.

Have any good fall shots from this year?


2 thoughts on “A Little More Life :: I ♥ My Pocket Protector

  1. It looks more like a costume party, but fun! I have a few good fall pictures this year, of me. Though, I’m not exactly what you would call a photogenic person! They mostly turn out completely….interesting. (to put it lightly)

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