A Mish-Mash of Higgledy-Piggledy Blahdy-Blah :: Life and Blogging

You may have seen this coming, as it seems to be a fairly usual thing around here, but
Dees Pozed eez goeen to bee a leedle RANDOM.
(I mean, come on-It’s my LIFE. How could it not be?)

Winter: It's coming, and nothing will escape it's grasp... except, like, Florida.

Actually, it does sound like it’s snowing outside, but that’s just the leaves falling on the ground. They are simply beautiful.

Hay, giant! Hay. Like the crop. I thought it was funny. *muttermutter*

Whoops. THAT ain’t autumn. Still pretty cool, though. Hay! (I’m sorry. I had to try one more time.) This picture was taken at Sever’s corn maze. We had a blast there. Plus they had the world’s coolest corn pit ev’ah. Check this out.

That's me up there, about to jump atop unsuspecting little Ezra. BAHAHAH!

That corn was four feet deep. And the pit was as big as a basketball court. O_O (P.S. Above caption is a joke. I don’t jump on babies.) My favorite sign that we saw there:

I admit, I was tempted...

Do not bury your head in corn. Drat. This isn’t fun anymore. Let’s go find something big and bouncy to jump on, these people are way too restrictive.


ADHD, you say? Right this way, sir.

Maybe it’s for little kids. Maybe I make the bouncing floor uneven. But do I care? Nuh-uh. This is bouncy heaven.

Also, speaking of bouncy things, which could be balls, which might be big, and orange- Who’s ready for some of this?

In my heart, in my heart, there's a fire burnin'...

Pumpkin courtesy of Matthew Nickolay, pumpkin carver extraordinaire. (He’s done two… maybe three.) Halloween is on its way! And if you know us Skogerboe’s, that means costumes. See exhibit A.

Put the candy in the bag.

I liked those masks. They remind me of Halloween. And candy. And staying up late. Feel the thug love.

One more thing, for those who know tech specs, and have managed to stick with me thus far: How do I get this image >

To fill the space behind my twitter page? I tried, but it ended up looking like this > twitter.com/#!/sjskogerboe

What do I do?!

Are you looking forward to fall? And pumpkins? And not having  snow yet?


2 thoughts on “A Mish-Mash of Higgledy-Piggledy Blahdy-Blah :: Life and Blogging

  1. Hi GNS!
    I look 4ward 2 ur “Scribblings!”. They r most erudite & enjoyable! Keep them coming!

    We’ve already had leaf flurries @ the lake. The woods are nearly leaf free & make me realize winter could begin 2morrow. I remember many a year I would put on my costume to go trick or treating & then have to cover it w/ a snowsuit & boots! Oooooo!!
    BIG hugs,

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