Something’s Fishy, Above the City :: Reality, Wake Me Later

Yesterday, I was flying. (Hey, no snickers. Like Stephen King, I have the heart of a child. I just don’t keep mine in a jar on my desk.) I was flying up in the air over a city, and I felt like nothing could happen to dim my spirits. I saw a city down below me, laid out like a map. I was like a balloon, rising slowly.

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And then, I stood in the city, watching that balloon gaining height, until it was out of sight. I looked around myself, seeing that I stood beside a pond, glinting in the sunlight. There was a fish down in the pond swimming around and around, and I was hungry so I swam up to the surface, because I was in the pond swimming, and reached for shore…

But something pulled me back down, down, down, to an underwater world. I ran my hand over the gills on my neck. Breathing underwater! I could do anything: flip around, propel myself twenty feet up, then lazily drop to the sandy bottom of the ocean floor. Wait a second, breathing underwater? Flying in the air? This can’t be real. It’s so fun though! Oh no, not again!

And I wake up. Ugh. I stretch, then pull my blankets tight around me. Reality… wake me later.


9 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy, Above the City :: Reality, Wake Me Later

      • Is this better?

        I am magic. Power flows from the tips of my fingers. I can walk on air, firmed into steps underneath my feet. I can soar through the air. Sometimes I go too high and the empty sky is frightening around me. I am beautiful and adored. With a wave of my hand and a snap of my fingers, I am in control. I am powerful and often the lone hero who can save mankind from alien invaders–or worse. My magic is always benevolent. I am kind and gentle in my power, but relentless in my terror against evil.

        P.S. Yay for homeschool!

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